Keyword Targeted Advertising has become accepted as the leading means of generating high quality traffic to websites.

There are two major ways to promote your site the choice depending on financial considerations and how unique your product or service is.

For the majority of sites, where you retail a wide range of products we recommend the use of meta-search directories such as T4Biz.

T4Biz generate their traffic by working in conjunction with major UK retail websites such as Dixons, Currys, Homebase who have chosen to show the T4Biz webpage whenever anyone visits their website.

By only obtaining their traffic from UK based shopping websites T4Biz maintain one of the highest reputations for supplying quality traffic at competitive prices.

Their customer base includes the Ordnance Survey and most major UK finance houses. Enjoying an unrivalled reputation for honesty they have been supplying quality traffic for over a year without one dissatisfied client!

For those sites with more unique products then Traffic4Biz can place sponsored keyword links with the major Search Engines. The cost of this varies considerably depending on the uniqueness of the chosen search term. Prices vary from as little as 0.12 to over 20.00 per click. The quality is generally high if your chosen phrase is carefully selected.

Traffic4biz guarantees to supply you with specifically targeted traffic.

Visitors sent to your site are keyword driven - all visitors will have chosen to search for your type of products or services.

For example: If you order visitors from the keyword "holidays", we will guarantee that all visitors we send to your site are;
i) from the UK
ii) are already interested in holidays (they chose 100% without incentive to click our "holidays" link to view a relevant web-site like yours).

What this means!

  • Clients have already actively expressed interest before they see the target website.
  • All visitors have chosen to click on the advertiser's chosen keyword(s).
  • All visitors are from the UK or chosen territory.

The concept is simple! targeted keyword advertising allows products and services to be promoted to a specific group of consumers who have already expressed an interest in them.

targeted keyword linked traffic works!