You own a store which sells the highest quality products at the lowest prices and you always have large stocks.

You have everything a customer wants and when they visit your store theyíre always sure to buy something.

The trouble is no-one knows about your store or where to find it.

Thatís the trouble with the Internet ! Youíve got the best deals on products, youíve gone to the expense of having a well designed web-site created but not enough people know about your site and where to find it.

Thatís where Traffic4Biz can help!

Traffic4Biz are based in the Northwest of England and operate in an area where the need to get genuine value for money is paramount.

We work with our clients to ensure that every penny they spend generates a high return on investment

. Our satisfied clients include the Ordnance Survey, major insurance & finance houses and literally hundreds of Small to Medium sized businesses throughout the UK.

We work with major Search Engines such as T4Biz, Google, Overture, E-Spotting, Mirago who provide the driving force behind such sites as Ask Jeeves, MSN, Alta Vista etc.

We offer our clients a wide selection of cost effective advertising - that works

Primarily our advertisement placing takes two forms - Keyword Targeted and Banner Advertisements. Costs for each type start from £0.10 per clickthrough for Keyword Targeted advertising (CPC) and £800/million impressions for Banner Advertising.

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